Monday, December 3, 2007

Psychology of greeting in Islam

Let us see the psychology of greeting (salam) in Islam, how great it is.

Allah mentioned in Quran"Whenever you are greeted with a greeting, you should greet with a better than it ot at least answer it back similarly. Indeed Allah will take account of everything"an-Nisa' : 86

Narrated by Abu Huraira r.a. that messenger of Allah sain :"You can't enter heaven unless you are believer. You believe can be not complete unless you love each other. Let me tell you something which if you do, you will cultivate and enhance love between yourself. Greet each other with salam whether the person is known to you or not" -Muslim

Abdullah bin Amr r.a. said that one person asked the Messenger of Allah s.w.t:"Which are the best deeds in Islam?" The Messenger of Allah answered: "Feed people and greet each other with salam whenever you know each other or not." -Bukhari and Muslim.


Dr Al
3 December 2007

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